DISUBCO A/S is your sourcing and assembling partner


Disubco A/S handles all issue in Supply Chain, such as sourcing, supplier sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, assembling, quality and deliveries to end customers world wide.

Please feel free to take contact to us. We look forward doing business with you.

Business basis for Disubco A/S is value chain management (Supply Chain Management), with special focus on quality management.

We ensure optimum production for our customers’ products. We ensure a uniform appearance for surfaces with the highest cosmetic requirements, and products with high technical specifications.

We develop our own methods of production and assembly-setup in close cooperation with our suppliers.

The added value for our customers is to avoid unforeseen costs and ensure high quality through intensive contact and collaboration on projects, both in terms of mass production and one-off production.

We offer to be part in both the design and industrialization phase and thus ensure the correct product and price. This ensures consistency throughout the supply chain.

Disubco supply to foreign customers, with no local or Danish sales, and our suppliers can be Danish as well as foreign.

Disubco is “One Stop Supplier”. For our customers this means that they will only have to shop at one place. We manage the procurement of raw materials and select suppliers from our extensive experience database.

We set up quality systems and procedures for ensuring that products and services meet agreed requirements. Emphasis is placed on planning and setup of documented processes for procurement, handling, assembly, shipment and storage.

We ensure the correct product to be delivered on time.Please feel free to take contact to us. We look forward doing business with You.


Your knowhow in developing products combined to the safety of having Disubco A/S handling the complete manufacturing process makes a Winning Team.

We are specialized in supply chain management with special focus on quality setup.