One stop shop supplier with experience in quality management and supply chain


At Disubco, we manufacture our customers’ products from A to Z and we believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our customers. Using Disubco as a supplier, gives our customers the opportunity to use us for stock keeping where we keep the finished products ready for shipment.

We work in a variety of industries and together with our customers, we always look for new ways to improve production and reduce the delivery time. Our framework agreement and customer relations allow us to manufacture the products ahead, so they are always ready on time.


Long time customer contracts with global OEM and engineering companies

Robotics industry

Manufacturing of mechanical components for the robotics industry

Defense and security

From safety and security equipment to weapons components

Medicinal industry

Manufacturing of components within aluminum, stain-less steel and titanium for medicinal use


From fully assembled silencer for hunting to fishing wheel

Health and Rehabilitation industry

Full supply chain service and assembly of mechanical components

Sub Sea

Mechanical components with high demand for quality and durability

Electrical industry

Mechanical components and housings for products within lightning and communication