One stop supplier with experience in quality management and supply chain

CNC machining

Inhouse CNC turning and milling in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Sand, die & presure casting

Casting in aluminum, magnesium and steel though our trusted supplier located around Europe.


Forging in aluminum can help reduce machining time and ensure correct material alloy for anodizing.


Extrusion of aluminum profiles can eliminate the need for further machining and reduce material cost.

Automatic sawing

In house sawing process combined with our stock keeping option ensures low delivery time for our customers

Metal sheet processing

Bending of sheets is a process Disubco has more than 10 years of experience with and together with our assembly option we can even hide the assembly point

Laser cutting

With a maximum plate size of 2000 X 4000 mm, we can cut up to a plate thickness of 15 mm for aluminum and 25 mm for steel


Punching can help save time and keep unit cost low when dealing with big production quantities.


Welding in both aluminum and steel within Mic, Tic and friction stir welding

Surface treatment

Our inhouse surface treatment facilities offer a variety of protected surfaces such as anodizing, and wet / powder coating.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving gives your product that special look and makes it stand out from your competitors

Quality assurance

Using both in and out going quality check ensures both a high quality and a more streamline production.


Assembly of our customers' products reduces their own production time and together with our stock option, increases their reaction time on big orders


Disubco offers customer packing in their own logo with products ready to ship to end user.

Stock keeping

Our stock keeping option gives our customers the advantages of not to keep a stock themselves


Our logistics department ensures easy delivery for our customers on time, each time.