The Customer can focus on sales and development


Disubco has since 2010 delivered supply chain services and though the years expanded our own knowledge and increased our competence. Our customers experience that by using Disubco as a supplier, they can leave the entire production process and quality management to us and use their resources on boosting their own sales and develop new products for the future.

In-house production

Disubco is owned by the Rohdemejer family and though their corporation we can offer inhouse solutions of both CNC- machining and surface treatment.

Project management

Though our project management system we manage our customers projects from start to end

Stock management

One of our service is to offer a stock management system to our customers. They benefit by letting us stock their finished products at our facilities until they need them


Our inhouse logistics department is well known in the rules of customs in Europa. By letting us in charge of the logistics, our customers only have to focus on their sales


Some products require services that Disubco cannot offer in-house. Using our approved suppliers from around Europe we ensure correct pricing and quality.


Let Disubco take care of both the contractual side of ensuring Non-disclosure agreement, Supplier and Product agreement and Framework agreement. Years of experience ensures correct agreement between customer and supplier